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Now Available FREE for Android and Apple!


ANDROID AND iOS APPS —  Thanks to The University of Michigan Computer and Information Science Department senior students the new Michigan Mitt Maps Road Trip app ads better draw and erase tools and it adds a second map — USA!


It's totally FREE.  No irritating ads. Includes a comprehensive tutorial.


Share with friends and family.  Map and plan your bucket list, mark all of the places you have visited, draw the route of your next trip, give directions and more.

You map saves to your phone, not a server.  It is totally private until you choose to share it.

12 Things You Can Do With Your Maps

 1.  Plan your road trip adventure!
 2.  Illustrate your bucket list.
 3.  Locate and place decals on all of the states you have visited.
 4.  Create a map of favorites:  places, relatives homes,
      vacation spots, camping, fishing, golf, beaches and more.
 5.  Highlight directions and include places to stop along the way.
 6.  Share your adventure with family and friends on social media.

RoadTripUSA — It's 2 maps in 1 app!

 7.  Send your maps in a text or email.
 8.  Post your maps on Pinterest.
 9.  Print your map at any size.
      You can even create paper mitt maps!
10. Use your maps for scrapbooking.
11. Use your maps for presentations.
12. Use your maps for classroom assignments.

Download the app to create a pair of Michigan Mitt Maps.

Place decals on your map(s) pointing out all of the things you did and places you explored along the way.


You may use hundreds of decals on your

mitts and pencil-in your ultimate road trip adventure in Michigan and the entire USA.

Share with friends and family on social media, email, text or you can print it.


How do you switch maps?

Click on the USA button in the top left corner of the app screen and your USA map will appear.

Fun for everyone.



No in app purchases.  No annoying ads.  No worries.

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