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INCLUDES 1 PACK with 1 pair of Michigan Mitt Maps, 392 colorful reusable decals to place onto your mitts, 8" x 10" Adventure Activity Book: premium quality print, black and white pages filled with fun and interesting facts about Michigan and the Great Lakes, activities, games, challenges, and more. DO NOT use Michigan Mitt Maps as oven mitts, near heat or as winter mittens. Standard delivery U.S.P.S. / USA only.

ROAD TRIP by Michigan Mitt Maps

  • Michigan Mitt Maps are 1 size for all ages.  One piece / original size approximately 22" long x 9" wide.  

    Book is 8" x 10". Inside pages are black ink on premium white stock.  Decals are colorful and reusabel.  They will not stick to the furniture, windows, desks, etc.

  • No refunds.  No exhanges.  No buy back.  Final sale.