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For classrooms, schools and libraries who are underfunded but would still like to use Michigan Mitt Maps (cover to cover) in their classroom, with their scout troops, etc.

Thanks to Better Made Snacks (our corporate sponsor of education), who helped us to create an easy, FREE download for educators and scout leaders. You'll need 1 more thing... the mitts! Thanks to University of Michigan (Dearborn) for helping us to develop a FREE app for Android (the Apple version will be available in mid-August 2016). You can use the downloads and the FREE app in your class rooms. "Thanks Better Made Snacks and University of Michigan!"

CALL US at 313-999-1075 and we will send you the link to download the Michigan Mitt Maps Road Trip activity book and the link to download the app for the mitts.  We will include instructions, suggestions, and answers!  You may also send us your name, school, city and telephone / contact information to: download@michiganmittmaps.com

FREE Michigan Mitt Maps Road Trip (download) for Classrooms & Libraries

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