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Need an extra pair? Planning on taking more than 1 road trip? Get enough for everyone in the car! Locate Michigan landmarks.  A Michigan favorite for selfies and family travel photos! Looking for a DIY activity on the road? Use a pen, pencil, marker or crayon to add details to their maps like side roads and highways, lakes and rivers. If you have label stock at home, you can create our own decals to place onto your Michigan Mitt Maps. One side has a Michigan road map and the other has some of Michigan's favorite brands and destinations. Detachable center piece turns this into 1 pair of Michigan Mitt Maps. Made of P.E. Plastic. DO NOT use Michigan Mitt Maps as oven mitts, near heat or as winter mittens. Standard delivery U.S.P.S. / USA only.

1 Pair of Mitt Maps

SKU: Mitts1Pair
  • 1 size for all ages (5 yr and up).  One piece / Original size approximately 23" long x 9" wide.

  • No refunds.  No exhanges.  No buy back.  Final sale.